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Test automation is highly in demand due to its multiple advantages for businesses. Faster time-to-market, product quality improvements and major defects reduction are among the most important of them. Repetitive test cases are usually automated to reduce efforts & costs spendings. However, success of any test automation project depends on qa engineers skills, chosen tools and proper planning. Collaboration with dedicated project management professionals is among the largest assets that any organisation may have.

key benefits of automation testing:

time & money efficiency

Since software tests need to be repeated regularly during development cycles, replacing manual by automated testing leads to significant cost savings to companies. Handling time-consuming tasks becomes much easier.

increased accuracy & efficiency

Automation testing allows to eliminate human error. Missing a bug is less probable thanks to written scripts & tools. Unlike manual testing, test automation is usually used on a long-term basis.

performing tasks that manual testers can’t do

When it is required to simulate thousands of parallel users, automation testing services come in handy. Consider using it for larger projects. Achieve high quality outputs while working on the most complex projects. Improve the performance, functionality, quality & usability of any software.

Our superior automation
testing services

Here at CyberCraft, we specialize in building expert teams tailored to your needs. Whatever is your project stage or business type, our experienced IT recruiters will find, hire and maintain qa engineers for you.

Services provided by dedicated qa testers are the following:

Test automation cycle
includes such stages:


Why choose CyberCraft to outsource QA Automation testing services?

We understand our clients’ concerns & issues, offering them a solid tech support. Since software testing is critical element of any software implementation, our main priority is to provide this kind of service as much as necessary. Offshore software development company can hire customly-selected professionals, build and maintain teams, providing them with all necessary equipment.

The main benefits of such collaboration are the following:

the whole range of automation testing services
cost savings up to 60%
access to huge pool of tech talents
flexible working model
reliable partnership with dedicated testing engineers
quick & easy setup

Our experts use such automation testing tools:

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